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Johannes Pramsohler has assembled here a top-class lineup of singers and, with his Ensemble Diderot, united all the German cantatas featuring a virtuoso solo violin on a captivating album. Johann Pachelbel, Daniel Eberlin, and Johann Christoph Bach, who together with Johann Sebastian Bach’s father, the violinist Johann Ambrosius Bach, formed the core of musical life in Eisenach, are joined by the North-German Nicolaus Bruhns and Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber from the south with their strikingly imaginative text settings. With precision, fire, and at times intensive devotion, Ensemble Diderot embraces these masterpieces of German compositional art which go far beyond the standard musical and rhetorical formulas of the time.

Artist: Nahuel Di Pierro Johannes Pramsohler

Label: Audax Records

Release Date: April 20, 2018

People: Nahuel Di Pierro (Bass), Andrea Hill (Mezzo Soprano) Christopher Purves (Bass), Jorge Navarro Colorado (Tenor), Ensemble Diderot, Johannes Pramsohler (Direction and solo Violin)

EAN: 3770004137152

Album Reviews

 La basse enchaîne de son phrasé souple, qui développe tour à tour ses différents états d'âme (...) On notera au passage la diction allemande clairement articulée de la basse argentine, qualité indispensable pour donner tout son relief à ce répertoire. 

Bruno Maury