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One of today’s most sought-after operatic basses explores his South American roots and presents a unique album of Argentinian tangos, milongas, and waltzes. Performed in their most authentic form – accompanied solely on guitars – by living legends, they take us back to the Buenos Aires of the early 20th century, the golden age of tango. “With this album, I honour the music of my hometown, the song of my roots, which, from the mouths of my parents and grandparents, forged my identity as a singer and my love of music.”

Artist: Ciro Pérez Tomás Bordalejo Rudio Flores Diego Trosman

Label: Audax Records

Release Date: November 08, 2019

People: Ciro Pérez, Tomás Bordalejo, Rudi Flores, Diego Trosman, Nahuel Di Pierro

EAN: 3770004137237