Ricciardo e Zoraide Gioachino Rossini


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Based on an epic poem by Niccolò Forteguerri and set in the times of the Crusades, Ricciardo e Zoraide is a drama full of infatuations and jealousy, imprisonment and murderous plots, concluding with a gallant rescue and a benevolent outcome. The problems of such a complex and intense libretto were solved by Rossini through sheer dramatic skill, sophisticated melodic inventiveness, an emphasis on contrasts between dark and light, and the innovative and extensive use of on-stage musicians. This rarely heard opera is a true bel canto feast that reinvents the long tradition of chivalrous tales that still fascinate us today.

Artist: José Miguel Pérez Sierra

Label: Naxos

Release Date: February 01, 2018

People: Randall Bills (Agorante), Alessandra Marianelli (Zoraide), Maxim Mironov (Ricciardo), Nahuel di Pierro (Ircano), Silvia Beltrami (Zomira), Artavazd Sargsyan (Ernesto), Diana Mian (Fatima), Anna Brull (Elmira), Bartek Zolubak (Zamorre). Camerata Bach Choir, Poznań, Ania Michalak (Maestro del coro), Virtuosi Brununsis, José-Miguel Pérez Sierra (direttore)

Catalog No: 8.660419-21

Album Reviews

 This recording of Rossini’s seldom performed opera Ricciardo e Zoraide has plenty of atmosphere, and, with good singers and a dedicated conducting from José Miguel Perez Sierra, it is a delectable performance. 

© 2018 Pizzicato

 Nahuel Di Pierro powerful black bass in the role of Ircano gives dramatic depth to the music. 

© 2018 The WholeNote

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